Flexi Skater Dress - Black
Flexi Skater Dress - BlackFlexi Skater Dress - BlackFlexi Skater Dress - BlackFlexi Skater Dress - Black
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  • 25% Spandex 75% Nylon
  • Quick-dry
  • Light-weight
  • 4-way stretch
  • Sweat wicking


Say hello to your new favorite dress! Our Flexi Skater Dress is super cute, floaty, whimsical and super practical. 


Stylish and tres, tres chic, the dress comes with built-in shorts to make sure you can move around with ease and confidence as you enjoy all activities such as tennis, running, yoga, pilates, cardio and water activities. 

Made with our usual amazingly stretchy, shaping, comfortable, lightweight and quick dry fabric, our Flexi Skater Dress can be worn from day to night as a workout outfit or as a casual dress to run around or dress up with a cardigan or a wrap to dance your night away on a fun activities-packed  evening out!

Get our amazing Flexi Skater Dress today and take your game (all puns intended) to the next level!




4-way stretch  

Removable pads  




Water activities 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your bottoms squat-proof?

A: Yes, all our bottoms are 100% squat-proof. Better than that, you can wear our products bend over backwards, jump around, do flips, somersault, high kicks without having to worry that 1. anyone can see your underwear 2. the waistband will fall off 3. you will need to keep adjusting the bottoms. 

Q: Are your crops, sports bras and bralettes come with pads?

A: Yes, all adult crops, sports bras and bralettes come with the best quality and the most amazing of shape of removable pads. We suggest you take the pads out before washing. 

Q: Your price is pretty high. Why?

A: We use the most premium eco-friendly fabric you can ever find in the activewear market worldwide. It’s soft, stretchy, shaping, lightweight, quick-dry and super durable. The cost of the recycled fabric is much more expensive than synthetic fabric. And we add UPF50+ for sun protection as well so you can feel confident that you are protected from the damage of the sun as you go on engaging in any activity!

Q: Do I have to pay extra for your worldwide express shipping from Thailand?

A: Of course not! We will cover that for you and guess what..from Thailand to California, it can be as fast as one business day!

Q: How do I care for my products?

A: You care for our Flexi Lexi Fitness products like you care for your favorite swimwear. You can hand-wash them with underwear detergent or you can also put them in the washing net and then throw them into the washing machine. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Hang them inside out. Do not iron. Our products are conveniently wrinkle-free!

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