Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Membership Program. This program is for those who love our cute and comfortable yoga line (obviously) and would like to help us promote our brand to other yogis that you know and get rewarded at the same time! 

How to get started

1. Extremely easy. You don't need a certain number of followers to become our Ambassador. You can have 10 followers for all we care. There is a fee to pay to become a member. It is 200 USD. Don't worry! Once this fee is paid to our paypal, it will be credited back to you as store credit and you can buy anything from our store for 200 USD (or more!). You will get a code sent to the email you provide us with. The membership fee is for 3 months. You may renew it once your membership expires. 

2. How to pay the membership fee? You need to have Paypal account. Click below to make payment. 

Write down your email address and your IG name in the Note to Seller. Once the payment is received, you will get an email notifying you that you have become a membership. Please allow 24 hours for us to process and check the payment.

3. Once the payment is well-received and you receive an email from us to confirm the membership, you will get another email within 2 days for your store credit. The store credit must be used for one purchase. The credit does not include shipping fee.

4. You will also get a discount code for your followers or friends to use (it is usually your instagram name - but we will confirm that again via email) for 10% off. Once your membership ends (membership starts when you get your order and lasts for 3 months), we will show you how many times your discount code has been used and for how much. You will get 10% of the total amount sent to your Paypal amount in Paypal cash. For example, if the total amount spent using your discount code is 2,000 USD in 3 months (membership period), you will get 200 USD Paypal cash at the end of your membership. Woo-hoo!

5. When you receive your order, please email us straight away (It takes 1-4 business days, or a little more if you are from Canada or South Africa, for packages to get anywhere from Thailand) and this is when we start the 3 month period of membership status. Now you can start wearing our stuff and make good posts (we love outdoor posts or indoor posts with really good and bright colours!). Remember you MUST mention us in the caption (eg. bralette from @flexilexi_fitness, use "XXXX" code to get 10% off) and tag us to make sure we see your posts. We will repost your posts that appeal to us and this is how you will gain new followers from our followers and get more recognised in the online yoga community. Who knows? You might also be approached by other brands to become their Ambassador too!

6. Don't forget, the Ambassador Membership only starts when you receive your package (so that you can have full 3 months to promote us and make money!) although you are counted as our Ambassador right away after your payment of membership fee is made.

7. OK, this is pretty clear! Thanks for reading and again for your interest in joining our Ambassador Membership Program. Still, if there are still any questions (we hope not!), please feel free to email us.