Donut Flexi Yoga Mat Adult and Mini
Donut Flexi Yoga Mat Adult and MiniDonut Flexi Yoga Mat Adult and MiniDonut Flexi Yoga Mat Adult and Mini
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Super cute, soft and lightweight, Flexi Lexi Yoga Mat features non-slip, natural rubber and vegan suede top.


Our yoga mat is eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxic-free. Natural rubber comes from sustainable rubber tree forest and our mat is Latex and PVC free. The top is made from synthetic suede so it is soft, cushion-like and absorbent. The surface is extra grip when you sweat so no more tripping even when your hands and feet are wet. Flexi Lexi mat is also reversible so you can flip it over to fit your daily practice mood.


Spray water mist lightly onto the mat if you need a tighter grip.


Perfect for all kinds of practices, stretching and meditations. Ideal as a travel mat as well as everyday’s mat.


Hand wash with natural soap water and hang to air-dry.

Adult Mat

Dimension: 173 x 61cm

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 2kg


Mini Mat

Dimension: 110 x 61cm

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 1.3kg


How to clean your Flexi Yoga Mat

  • Use yoga mat cleaner if you have one. If not you can mix a few drops of dishwasher liquid with warm water in a bottle with spray it on the yoga mat. Then wipe dry with a clean towel.
  • Alternatively, you can use wet wipes to clean the dirty spots on the mat.
  • Air dry your yoga mat after use. Avoid direct sunlight.

In case your Flexi Yoga Mat is very dirty and/or smelly

  • Hand wash your yoga mat with cold water and gentle soap or underwear liquid cleanser. Air dry after wash.
  • Mix baking soda with warm water in a bottle and spray all over your yoga mat. Wipe off with a slightly wet towel. Air dry.

How to best care for your Flexi Yoga Mat

  • Do not spray any perfume or oil or alcohol-based liquid onto your yoga mat.
  • Try not to use body lotion before using your yoga mat. This will increase the chance of getting your mat dirty.
  • Do not soak your yoga mat in the water on a daily basis.
  • Do not hang dry your yoga mat under direct sunlight.

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